About Us

We are a unique combination of a trendy, thrifty fashion boutique and a fun girls night out!

Hence, our slogan:  SHOP.  PAINT.  SIP.  REPEAT...


We are open Monday-Friday 11-6 and Saturday 10-3


We are located at 153 State St Suite 1 in Brewer.  In the long brick building (Formerly Curves)


We buy and sell new and used clothing, handbags, shoes & accessories


We have an art studio where we host public and private painting and crafting events

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CLICK HERE to find us on a map or call (207) 989-9003 for directions or more information


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In April 2008 two sisters started a purse party business together.


In November 2010 they decided to start up a store-front in Eddington, ME on the property of one of the owners and called it Crystal's Boutique, named after Crystal who owned the building.


In October 2012, after the store outgrew the space and became very popular, the sisters decided to move to a larger retail space in a more convenient location in Brewer, ME.

Three weeks later, on October 31, 2012, the new store-front was open for business at the current location: 153 State St. Suite 5, Brewer, ME.


We take pride in being a family owned and operated business that has thrived because of the support of the "Generations" of our family who have done so much to make it possible. Therefore, we decided to change the name of the business to "Generations Boutique" to reflect the generations of our family who are so critical to our success.


Since the beginning, our business has done nothing but grow and improve. We again outgrew our space!! So, in February 2014 we decided to move to a larger space within the same plaza and launch a brand new Art Studio and offer "Paint and Sip" classes. The updated business name is now "Generations Boutique & Art Studio". We teach step by step how to paint on canvas. A perfect girls night out. Hence our new logo... "Shop. Paint. Sip. Repeat"...


Our dream is to provide premium quality, current fashions, new and recycled clothing, accesories and home decor at affordable prices and offer a fun and exciting experience painting your own masterpiece in a bright, positive, upbeat environment. We hope you enjoy being at Generations Boutique & Art Studio as much as we do! It's a dream come true for the owners AND our dedicated clientelle. We only hope to continue to improve each day!!

Our Story...

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