We buy your clothing!

Call first to see if we are in a current buying season

(207) 989-9003

What our customers want:

Clean, flawless, trendy, stylish, quality, name brand, gently used clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories

Our customers have high standards, and so must we!

What we want:

Up to 2 bags or totes of your best stuff that you no longer want.

Clean, fresh smelling items that are ready to sell.

Current styles that have been purchased new no more than 1-2 years ago.

How it works:

-Call first to see if we are in a current buying season.

-Make sure your items are in season, clean and in excellent condition.

-Drop off.

-We will sort through and inspect your clothing and pick out which ones we think we can sell (and yes, we are very picky!)

-We calculate the value and pay you with in-store credit. If you prefer cash we offer you 30% less than the store credit amount.

*The benefits of in-store credit: You are getting 30% off anything in our store. You have an entire year to spend it. You can even break it up into gift certificates to give out as gifts to friends, family, co-workers AND your credit can be used toward Paint & Sip!



**PLEASE NOTE: If you or someone in your home is a smoker, we may refuse your items or discount our offer to compensate our costs of additional laundering.

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